First Aid Courses

Various first aid courses of Primary care, CPR and Child specific.

Primary & Secondary care

Learn the basics of first aid with this course, suitable for any candidate level.

Course content: 
- Severe bleeding management 
- Life threatening illness
- Managing a scene
- Shock 
- Choking 
- Minor injuries

One day course £199pp


Learn the life saving skill of CPR & using a Defibrillator

Course content: 
- Adult CPR
- Barriers & scene management
- AED considerations 
- Using an AED 

Half day course £149pp

Care for children

Learn first aid skills aimed specifically towards children and infants.

Course content:
- Child CPR & AED use
- Child Choking 
- Infant CPR 
- Infant choking

Half day course £149pp

Mental Health Awareness

Learn the skills needed to understand mental illnesses & how to assist others.

Course content:
- Understanding mental illness
- Common illnesses 
- How to assist others 
- Protecting your own mental health 

2 day course £199pp

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Oxygen has many life saving advantages. Get qualified in its use.

Course content: 
- What is oxygen
- How it is used medically 
- Common medical treatments 

Half day course £149pp